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Troy Hartwell #83388

Principal Mitigation Investigator and Firearms Expert 

Located in the Portland Metropolitan Area
serving the State of Oregon

Hart 2 Hart Investigations conveniently located in

Clackamas, Oregon and satellite offices in Astoria and St. Helens.

Legal Representation

Our Services

Hart 2 Hart Investigations offers in-depth investigative services for both criminal and civil cases. Principal Investigator, Troy Hartwell, has assembled a competent team of Private Investigators who are well diversed in every aspect of investigations. The cumulative knowledge, education, and experience  of Hart 2 Hart Investigations include, but certainly not limited to: 

  • Criminal Investigations

  • Appellate Investigations

  • Civil Investigations

  • Personal Injury

  • Law Enforcement Tactics

  • Military Culture

  • Firearms Expert

  • Interviewing and Interrogations

  • Locating, Identifying and Collecting Evidence

  • Technology Forensics

  • Security Consulting

  • Comprehensive Background Checks

Speaking with the Judge

If you have a criminal matter and are in need the services of a criminal investigator, we have the right team to work for you. Principal Investigator, Troy Hartwell and the H2H Team have years of combined experience in all matters related to criminal investigations. The H2H Team can conduct investigations in all disciplines.
We have a Criminal Investigator that can delve into wrongful convictions, wrongful deaths, and evidence forensics.  In some cases, such as Summon Service, Missing Persons Investigations, Child Custody and Child Abuse the friendliness of your Criminal Investigator is an asset. 
Our trustworthy team knows the importance of persistence, creativity, and passion when conducting a through investigation for the defense.

Legal Representation

Case Discovery

  • 48 hour initial client contact

  • Complimentary redacted discovery

  • Missing discovery reports

  • Case index summary 

  • Examine reports from the unique perspective of a former Law Enforcement Officer

Legal Aid


  • Identify and locate exculpatory evidence.

  • Interview defendants, witnesses and any other persons involved.

  • Obtain records from government and private organizations.

  • Prepare subpoenas and other related documents. 

  • Locating previously unknown witnesses. 

  • Provide detailed reports. 

Legal Advice


  • We are an extension of the Attorney

  • Act as a source of information

  • Evaluate emotional and physical well being of the client   

  • Build a rapport with the client

  • Foster trust

  • Provide timely updates regarding progress and developments.

  • Appear in court to support the defense and testify as needed. 

  • Assist defense in any other tasks required. 

  • Provide client resources for future.


Hart 2 Hart Investigations utilizes resources and skills of the entire team to handle your investigative needs.

Troy Hartwell

Troy L. Hartwell 

DPSST #83388

Principal Mitigation / Criminal Defense Investigator 

Mr. Hartwell possesses over 18 years of combined public service experience including a distinguished career in law enforcement. His wealth of experience and passion for truth, justice, and the best possible outcome has afforded him to build an agency of criminal investigators and legal support for Oregon defense attorneys. Mr. Hartwell has a broad cross-section of experience.

Criminal Defense  and  Mitigation Investigator       

Firearms Expert                               Former S.W.A.T. Officer

Federal Firearm Instructor           United States VA Police

The United States Border Patrol          United States Postal Service

Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office        Idaho Springs Police Department

Campus Law Enforcement

Hartwell delivers a professional attitude, with integrity and determination. He is committed to finding justice for the criminal defense and is able to utilize his specialized experience and training to verify and validate all that has been completed by law enforcement in their case.

Hartwell's degree of training enables him to possess the skills necessary to act confidently and independently when interviewing and conducting criminal defense investigatory duties. He utilizes his highly talented detection skills to ensure that no stone is left unturned during the course of the investigations. 


Questions or Comments

We are not attorneys, nor do we offer legal advice.
We can refer you to an attorney regarding your situation.

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Career Opportunities

"Our purpose is to ensure the integrity of Oregon's criminal justice system and our community.
Our passion is to find the truth, justice, and the best possible outcome for our clients."

Internship for Private Investigator

Become a Private Investigator

with no upfront cost*

We offer an internship program to qualifying individuals interested in becoming a Private Investigator with Hart 2 Hart Investigations*. 

The Intern Training Program consist of hands on training with the Principal Investigator. You will be involved with active criminal investigations during your internship. 

Upon completion of the internship, we provide a scholarship to gain your Private Investigator's License through the State of Oregon and everything you need to start your career with H2H.

To apply, email Cover Letter explaining your interest in pursuing this career along with Resume to


***Serious inquiries only***

Are you a Licensed Private Investigator?

Join our Team

If you have an active DPSST certification as a Provisional or Private Investigator, you may be eligible to fast track through the process quickly and right into case management.

Primary Requirements:

Legally eligible to work in the US

Must be 21 years of age

Clear Criminal/Financial Backgrounds

Ability to work flexible hours

Valid Oregon's Drivers License

Proof of auto insurance

High School Diploma or its equivalent

Fully Bondable

To apply, email Cover Letter and Resume to HR@hart2hartinvestigations.com

***Serious inquiries only***